Hungary Trianon map
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The Slovenian Foreign Office has issued a statement in which they condemn a Twitter post made by the Hungarian government’s official Twitter account. 

Hvg reports that feud between Hungary and Slovenia has ignited after the Hungarian government’s official Twitter account shared a picture in reference to the Trianon treaty 99 years ago. As it is known publicly, the treaty ended Hungary’s involvement in World War I and resulted in an enormous loss for the country, both in population and territory. June 4th marked the 99th anniversary of the event.

The Slovenian Foreign office has labelled the picture “offensive” and released a post in which they cited the European Union’s values of cooperation and good-neighbourly relations: something which they deemed the Hungarian government’s post went against. 

The incident comes after a week of heated diplomacy in the region: a Szekler cemetery commemorating Hungarian, German and Austrian soldiers was attacked and desecrated by Romanian nationalists. Following the incident, the Romanian Ambassador to Hungary refused to show up for an explanation as requested by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: an act that even in hostile times is considered rude and impolite. 

It also foreshadows more diplomatic standoffs and conflicts with neighbours as the 100-year anniversary of Trianon is coming up in 2020. The Hungarian government has already issued the erection of a new memorial, and some political parties are considering making 2020 a “Trianon memorial year”. 









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  1. Slovenia can try to remove the past but history and historical documents dont lie. I always thought that Slovenia was more advanced than this.

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