Ádám Gyurcsó was hit on the head with a piece of concrete during the Hajduk Split–Dinamo Zagreb football match last Saturday. In fact, local hooligans started to rampage, throwing rocks and fireworks in the second half – reports hvg.hu. The match’s result remained 0-0; however, according to Nemzeti Sport, the Croatian club might receive the punishment of 12 matches behind closed doors.

The linesman was the target

The reporter of Nemzeti Sport managed to talk to Gyurcsó who said that he did not see the object with which he was hit on the head. However, he is sure that

the target was not him.

“I saw during warm-up that the ultras were booing and insulting the referees, and even then they were trying to hit the linesman. However, I do not understand why they did this when the game came to a halt, and many of us were close to him. Of course, throwing things at the referees is never acceptable.” – said the Hungarian legionnaire of Hajduk-Split.

football player
Ádám Gyurcsó is the attacker of the Croatian club.

After his substitution, he was taken to the hospital where he was X-rayed. According to him, he had a headache after the incident for a long time and had to put ice on the injury. He added that they are used to fireworks and that, on important derbies, the game has to be stopped for minutes because of that. “I was luckier than the firefighter whose

fingertip was ripped off by a smoke bomb blast on Saturday”

– he added.

Here you can see Gyurcsó’s best moments in Hajduk Split:

Meeting the expectations of the fans is not easy

According to previous assumptions, the ultras attacked Gyurcsó because they were not satisfied with his performance. Before, he himself criticized his efficiency. He told Nemzeti Sport that the pressure is high on him in the Hajduk Split and no one can give less than 100 pc. To make matters worse,

sometimes, even a victory is not good enough for the fans.

If the team does not play as they expect, they become furious. However, Gyurcsó was successful previously, for example, he scored two goals against Istra on 23rd September:

This is not the first time that Hajduk ultras injured their own football player. Beforehand, they attacked Márkó Futács in spring on the streets after the team could not win against the old adversary, Dinamo Zagreb. After the incident, the Hungarian football player broke his contract with the team.

Here is a video compilation about the football derbies in the Balkan states:

Photos: facebook.com/hnkhajduk

Source: hvg.hu

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