Last year 3753 Hungarian properties were purchased by foreigners. Chinese citizens bought 1521 out of them in Budapest.

3206, 3529, 3753. This is the number of real estates purchased by foreign citizens in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively, and the numbers are evidently steadily increasing. 395 of those properties were sold by foreign owners, reported

According to the data of

  • Foreigners still favour Budapest; they bought 2896 properties last year.
  • Debrecen is in second place after the capital with 32 properties sold to foreigners, followed by Sopron where 29 properties were purchased by non-Hungarian citizens.
  • 181 properties were sold in Pest county and 155 in Zala county to foreign citizens.
  • A total of 1695 pieces of real estate were bought by Chinese people, 1521 in Budapest, 11 in Sopron and eight in Nagykovácsi.
  • Citizens of the EU bought 786 properties, 641 of which are located in Budapest, 10 in Debrecen, seven in Szeged, and six in Hegyeshalom.
  • Israeli citizens purchased 348 properties, Russians 311, while Ukrainians bought 132. Most of these purchases were also made in Budapest.
  • 470 properties were sold in Budapest’s smallest district, in district 7. 162 to Chinese, 145 to Israeli, 102 to EU and 17 to Russian citizens.
  • 365 real estate were sold in district 6 and 308 in district 8.
  • Chinese citizens now own 52.3 per cent of the properties sold to foreigners, 22 per cent by a member of the European Union, 10.6 by Israeli, 4.4 by Russian and 1.9 by Turkish people.
  • District 10 is the most liked by the Chinese, where they bought 189 properties. Several Chinese enterprises operate here, the Monori Center is also located here, so it is no surprise really.
  • They also seem to like districts 7 and 13, where they purchased 162 and 156 properties respectively.
flat building budapest real estate Buda castle
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flat building budapest real estate Buda castle
Read alsoOver 1500 properties in Budapest purchased by Chinese in 2019


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  1. The Chinese position of buying/investing into property certainly we in Hungary are not immune to a trend that various countries globally, have experienced.
    There are the good examples of Chinese investment in property and other and unfortunately examples that have become problems for Government – communities that have caused division and somewhat social unrest .
    The problem is the line – where do Governments -draw this line – to say – that’s your lot – you have this percentage of land property and other holdings – to maintain & ensure – Control & Retainment of situations that left undressed can become a Political & Social nightmare.
    There must be a Ceiling QUOTA – evaluated that there is NO dominance in foreign investment and ownership that threaten the “soil” and the “core” of a countries “soul” – it’ History and it’s absolute Righteousness need to firmly strongly be focused on it’s own breed and born people. They are the Priority – there quality of life -and they are owed by there history to be the dominant focus of Government in there responsibility for there “needs” there dreams and future aspirations for them and there families for generations to come,
    They are the – soil – the earthen body and soul of a countries true being and existence, and should not see a separation or sell off of there land and soils that is unbalanced dominated by Foreign Investment that has a “double edged sword” in its contractual writing,
    We are 9.5 million people and AGAIN challenged by this novel coronavirus pandemic, but UNITED and Supporting Prime Minister Orban and his Government, a position I take – applauding them – for there People Focused Policies, under Prime Minister Orban have thus far implemented, to manage the present crisis and leave gaps for light to beam and be seen – that will widen and glow into the future.
    We will Rise Again, driven by and from the earthen people of our beloved Hungary, to have an additional layer of human character driven by resolve in our being and that we will NEVER -Never surrender – give back nor see taken from US what Rightfully is OURS achieved from generations/centuries of Hungarian – earthen born Brothers & Sisters.

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