Hungarian authorities have apprehended 15,300 illegal migrants at Hungary’s borders so far this year, the prime minister’s chief domestic security advisor said on Friday.

Proceedings have been launched against a total of 174 people smugglers, György Bakondi told public news channel M1, adding that most of them had been arrested on the Hungary-Serbia border.

Bakondi also said the Hungarian government “is used to” having European Union institutions and the EU court issue decisions that are out of line with Hungarian laws and the government’s duty to keep the country safe.

He said the European Commission had taken action against Hungary in connection with a package of laws passed in 2018 that criminalised aiding people smugglers and illegal migrants.

Hungary is prepared to debate the issue and will assert its position on it, he said.

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Source: MTI

  1. Feed pig stew to all ILLEGAL MUSLIM MIGRANTS at the border with Serbia – then MAYBE they’ll stop trying to invade Hungary !

  2. Denmark decided to aim for zero asylum approval. Western countries, where all the illegal migrants want to go, do not want them. Hungary certainly does not want them. Germany, Italy, Malta, UK and France do not want them It is time for the EU to proclaim ” illegal aliens will be allowed to settle in the EU”. Migration permits will be handled and issued by the Consulate. This will save a lot of heartache when the real rules are published. Deport illegal migrants immediately, that will also discourage this lawbreaking habit.

  3. travel to uk from certain countries ,means you will have to spend 2000 euro on hotels ,
    when you arrive ,to isolate ..
    illegal immigrants from ,,France , have again been caught crossing the English Channel in boats ,
    they all had covid ,and were put in hotels for free ,
    paid money and fed..
    also most were vaccinated ,,
    for free

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