párisi udvar paris court budapest
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According to index.hu, the Paris Court (Párisi udvar) will be turned into a 110 room Hyatt luxury hotel as the Párizs Property Ltd. signed a contract with Hyatt Hotels. The hotel found in the onetime Brudern House is expected to be opened in 2018, and it will be operated by Mellow Mood Hotels.

The Chicago-based Hyatt has 12 different brands in 54 countries. The Paris Court will belong to a brand, which only had one unit so far: the Hôtel du Louvre in Paris.

The hotel will have 110 rooms, out of which 18 will be suites.

There’s also going to be a 300 m2 conference space, wellness and fitness sections, restaurant, bar and café.

The construction of the historic building was finished in 1931. It survived WWII in a fairly good condition. Then, civilian apartments were formed on the upper floors. The cultic building unites Morisco, art deco and neo-gothic style elements.

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