Hungarian President János Áder’s South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye pressed North Korea to emulate Hungary’s successful transition to democracy after decades of communist rule. The North called Park’s remarks nonsensical saying “The South Korean leader slandered our dignified system. It is mere sophistry resulting from jealousy.”

North Korea expressed its outrage at the South Korean president’s suggestion that it should follow the path of Hungary, wrote The Korean Times. The reaction came a day after Park Geun-hye called on Pyongyang to seek a transition similar to that of Hungary, which successfully transformed its system from communist dictatorship to democratic capitalism following the end of the Cold War. “I hope that the North can follow the successful Hungarian transition model,” the South Korean president said.

In response, the North argued that North Korea has the “world’s most superior system,” and thus they are ready to defend their own ideologies even at the cost of their lives. The North also claimed that it is South Korea that needs to overhaul its system.

Based on the article
Translated by Gábor Hajnal

Photo: Pixabay


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