Kecskemét, 2017. június 2. Az amerikai Ohio Nemzeti Gárda F-16-os vadászrepülõgépe a Load Diffuser 2017 gyakorlat szakmai napján Kecskeméten, az MH 59. Szentgyörgyi Dezsõ Repülõbázison 2017. június 2-án. MTI Fotó: Ujvári Sándor

Lawmakers approved extending Hungary’s mission in Iraq and increasing its staff and powers, in a vote on Tuesday.

Under a parliamentary resolution approved in April 2015, the Hungarian Armed Forces sent a contingent of up to 150 soldiers – or 300 during the replacement period – to the training centre in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. The mission received a mandate until December 31, 2017.

In late April this year the government submitted a proposal for extending the mission by two years and increasing its staff and powers in contribution to the international coalition’s fight against the Islamic State militant group.

Under the law passed on Tuesday, Hungary will station 200 soldiers – or 400 during the replacement period – in Iraq. The Hungarian contingent will carry out military assistance and advisory tasks alongside its training and defence duties. The contingent’s mission is set to last until December 31, 2019.

The motion was passed with 133 votes in favour, 61 against and 2 abstentions.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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