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Parliament calls on European leaders to protect community

Parliament calls on European leaders to protect community

Budapest, September 22 (MTI) – Hungary’s parliament on Tuesday passed a government-initiated resolution calling on European Union leaders to protect the continent and its citizens against ramifications of the migration crisis.

Parliament has also instructed the government to ensure all conditions for Hungary to protect its own borders.

“The waves of illegal immigration threaten an explosion in the whole of Europe,” said the resolution, whose authors blame the EU for allowing the situation to escalate. “People are now dying in wake of Brussels’ irresponsible policies,” the document said.

“All European politicians are irresponsible if they encourage immigrants to leave all they have behind and risk their lives to get to Europe in hopes of better conditions,” it said.

Countries of central Europe, which have just recovered from an economic crisis, “cannot afford suffering damages from Brussels’ ill-advised policies”, it said. Hungary cannot allow illegal migrants to jeopardise employment and Hungarians’ social security, the resolution added.

“We have the right to protect our culture, language, and values,” it said, adding that the government is committed to further developing the economy “without the unbearable burden of illegal immigrants arriving in Hungary”.

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