Zsolt Molnár, the head of parliament’s national security committee, said on Thursday that he would send a letter to US financier George Soros, asking him to provide information about the “Soros Plan”.

The opposition Socialist lawmaker told reporters that he would make Soros’s answer available to the public. As a consequence, the meeting lacked a quorum.

Earlier today lawmakers of allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats walked out of a meeting of the committee in protest against the presence of Bernadett Szél, co-leader of green opposition LMP and a member of the committee.

They argued that Szél and her party served the interests of Soros.

As a consequence, the meeting lacked a quorum.

Szilárd Németh, the deputy head of the committee for Fidesz, said Molnár had not consulted with him about his plan to write a letter to Soros. With this move, he said, the head of the committee “would transgress his powers”.

Ádám Mirkoczki of radical nationalist Jobbik proposed to invite Interior Minister Sándor Pintér to the next meeting of the committee.

Moláar said he backed Mirkoczki’s initiative, and convened the meeting for February 8.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Who are the controllers in the world and how the world population is being misled, also by Soros (or Satan).
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    What the elite wants to achieve is: one race, one faith, one (virtual) worldcurrency, one world government and one race of so-called transhumans who are able to do everything for the elite as slaves. Gender equality, transhumanism and the creation of robots that cannot be distinguished from ordinary people, but which will be far superior to what ordinary people (and the future transhumans) can be, are some of the things that are currently highly praised by the MSM. The future world (which is currently closer than we think) will be a terrible world in which a normal human being of today will certainly not feel at home, but the MSM is working hard to get people ready for this. Any celebrity or powerful person in the world, whether it is a politician, sportshero, musician or filmstar or a fashion king, can only achieve his or her position with the approval of and under the supervision of the elite. And believe it or not: this applies worldwide, not only in the West but worldwide. The elite operate from and recruits from secret societies: some are known:
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    Odd fellows;
    Scull and bones (for elite universities)
    Malthezer Knights
    Bilderberg Group
    There are hundreds in reality, but all secret societies are ultimately governed by only one secret society and that is the Illuminati. TheIilluminati (of which the MSM wants to make us believe fanatically that it no longer exists or has never existed) has never been away and is nowadays the organization in which everyone in the world has power or is famous or super rich, is a member of ……. The common man does not think about this because the Illuminati works completely in secret but is more powerful than all governments in the world together, much more powerful because this is the organization that is working on an NOW, a new world order in which the elite will have the power openly and has enslaved the entire world population. Look at Soros György and his plans. At the moment it is clearer than ever before where the elite stands for what they want and how they want it. All Hollywood movies, all music clips are full of symbolism and expressions of what the future world should look like. This is a way of ‘mind-control’ and it is meant to prepare the people for what is to come.
    Take a look at the new movie ‘Mother’, for example, but you can actually watch every new film: they are almost all full of mind control symbolism. Watch a music video on youtube and you’ll see the symbolism everywhere, whether it’s a Justin Timberlake video or Britney Spears, Kardasian, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Kayne West, it does not matter, all stars are part of the mindcontrol and are recruited by or (through their origin) part of the illuminati. You simply cannot be famous without the elite wanting it and without having to carry out their agenda and without having to pray to the God who worships the Illuminati – namely Satan (Soros). And this is not something of the last years. Even though celebrities in the 60’s had been recruited by or through their parents through the Illuminati. The elite uses the entertainers to brainwash ordinary people. The entertainers often bring the topics that the elite wants to push into the mainstream. 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In addition to this channel there are plenty of websites and other youtube channels that provide similar evidence about who the world is actually doing and how the power elite do this and how they terrorize, infiltrate and brainwash the population, incredible. Wake up people, we’ve slept long enough, it’s time to realize in which world we live and how we are being manipulated and what the elite intends to do with us and the world. An alerted person counts for 2 and the more people wake up the more difficult it will be to become their target!

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