passport hungary hungarian útlevél kató alpár reports that the passport guru came out with its newest list, Passport Index 2016, which ranks passports based on how many countries its owner can visit without a visa.

According to the index, nowadays German passports are the most valuable because their holders can travel to 158 countries without applying for a visa. They are followed by Sweden (157), Finland, France, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea and the United Kingdom (156).

The last country on the list, which includes 199 countries, is Afghanistan, with 24 countries accessible without a visa. Hungary is the 27th (Individual Passport Power Rank) on the list, which means that our passports are similar to Czech passports with a Global Passport Power Rank of 8 and 151 countries.


Compared to neighbouring countries and other countries of the Central European region, Hungary is in a quite good position, as only Austria comes before us with 154 countries. Slovakia (148), Ukraine (89), Romania (142), Serbia (113), Croatia (142), Slovenia (148) are all behind us.

The site is quite interesting, because you can explore the different passports by country, by region, by colour and by location on the map. It’s definitely worth checking out.


  1. Germany: 158 countries
  2. Sweden: 157 countries
  3. Finland: 156 countries
  4. France: 156 countries
  5. Switzerland: 156 countries
  6. Spain: 156 countries
  7. South Korea: 156 countries
  8. United Kingdom: 156 countries
  9. Singapore: 155 countries
  10. Denmark: 155 countries


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