benjámin dániel rézműves attacked

Benjámin Dániel Rézműves posted on his Facebook page about him being attacked by two bald men in front of a mall on Friday afternoon while he was out with his pregnant wife. According to the post, the men were yelling “You are nasty Arabic immigrants, go away with your pregnant wife if all you can do is recreate!”

Rézműves writes that while he was protecting his crying, shaking pregnant wife, one of the attackers butted him in the head between his eyes so hard it was torn, and later noticeably swelled up, reported

According to him, they obviously attacked him because they thought he was Arabic, and the attack is related – like many other things – to the fact that the “government is leading a multi-billion hate campaign.”

Benjámin Dániel Rézműves writes that he is a gipsy from Szatmár, who studies politics at the Péter Pázmány Catholic University, he often writes about minority politics and Romani representation in politics.

In another post of his, he revealed that he had decided that he would run in the municipal elections in Hodász, as part of the Democratic Coalition.

“Hungary has gone down the wrong path. There is no freedom in fear,” he writes at the end of Saturday’s post.

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