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Thousands of Romani children in Hungary are victims of poverty, famine and unbearable conditions. According to many experts, immediate help is needed to create a normal and acceptable environment for these people in the country.

Portfolio reported that the government chose 300 Hungarian towns where they would like to increase living standards. In the first 30 towns, an approximate 10 billion HUF (30 million EUR) of development has been undertaken.

This amount of financial support has not been provided to Romani people before and gives them a rare opportunity to make their lives better. 

Statistics revealed that Bulgaria is the only country in Europe where the quality of life is worse than in Hungary. The government’s consumption expenditure is far closer to the EU average than the average expenditure of one Hungarian household.

The program has been supported by many people believing that it gives an exceptional opportunity to people and to stop child famine and poverty in these regions. People who can earn a living must feel supporting Romani people a necessity and obligation to make Hungary a better place by 2050. The government oversees 750 poor towns in Hungarian regions, and 150 still need support as soon as possible. This year, the program would like to start with the financial development of 30 towns in the country, followed by more in the future. The program will be supervised by the Order of Malta, which is a Hungarian association. They reported that they had been given an exceptional opportunity from the government to help these people, and they would do their best to help.

Although there is no flawless program to help these people because of heavy economic factors, the Order of Malta expects an increase in Romani people’s demographics and financial situation in the future.





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