According to, the Norwegian police announced that recordings depicting executions and chopped heads were found in the cell phones of the immigrants. After the search of the migrants’ packages, they also found IS flags and other symbols linked to the terrorist organization – RT said based on Nettavisen.

In the recent months the number of immigrants striving to Norway has explosively increased. Suspicious photos and objects have been found with people who declare themselves refugees. In addition to the objects mentioned above they also kept pictures of dead children and other victims of terrorism.

However, the Norwegian liberalism can still find excuses:

“There can be many reasons why someone holds such images. For example, it is possible that they have been witness those events, and now they want to share their experiences with others. In addition, it is also possible that they got these symbols of terrorism during their encounters with such groups. It may seem intimidating, but there are other explanations besides them belonging to a terrorist organization” – Erik Haugland, leader of the country’s refugee program said.

James Corney FBI Director’s statement on December 9, that Islamic State has at least one printing machine which can issue Syrian passports, seems to be true, and they seem to have countless blank passports as well. This capability “is a concern in any setting” – Corney said before the legal committee of the US Senate.

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