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The end of August is one of the busiest periods in the renting business, as most freshly accepted university students are desperately looking for a place to stay during the upcoming fall semester. This is why Hungarian site Rentingo decided to conduct a survey examining the habits of landlords in Hungary, reports.

Ever-growing Hungarian real estate prices do not seem to decrease

Where to find apartments for rent?

Facebook seems to be no longer popular among renters, as fewer decide to advertise their apartments on the popular social media platform.

The traditional apartment rental sites are the most popular among landlords, 79% of them use them.

New generation rental sites are gaining more recognition but these are not the most popular forms of advertisements, only 51% of renters use these sites such as Airbnb, Spotahome or Rentingo.

If you found it, be quick

Since Hungarian higher education points were recently announced, the real estate market is booming. The most popular form of living among university students is renting, and people need to act real fast because not only the best places but literally all places find a tenant in a heartbeat.

42% of apartment rental ads have more than 10 applicants at once, but the vast majority of them (75%) have more than five applicants.

The most time-consuming task for renters is showing the place to the potential tenants. This is why they tend not to waste time on non-serious applicants. In fact, 50% of landlords show their apartments to only three applicants at most.

Usually, the majority of flats and apartments (81%) that are available for rent find tenants within one month.

Since most people prefer to live alone, the smaller, one-person apartments are gone even faster. Results show that smaller available apartments (11%) are usually gone in less than two days.

Who are the tenants who are most likely to get rejected?

There is good news as well. 91% of landlords usually do not have grounds for refusal. However, people with pets are at the greatest disadvantage, because

80% of landlords do not welcome tenants who have pets. Smokers and people with young children do not have it easy either. 63% of landlords do not welcome smokers, and 44% tend to refuse applicants with small children.

26% of landlords prefer not to have foreign tenants, and only 13% of landlords have something against students. Foreign and Hungarian students are usually welcome, especially in bigger cities with popular universities such as Budapest, Pécs or Szeged.


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