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Hungary was ordered by UEFA to play three matches behind closed doors in response to the discriminatory behaviour of football spectators. The ban for one match was suspended for probation for two years. This ban does not apply to the World Cup, which is under FIFA jurisdiction.

The Independent writes that 

the Hungarian Football Federation was fined 100,000 euros, and they have to display an #EqualGame banner with the UEFA logo on it.

UEFA made a statement that there will be investigations regarding the Hungary-France European Championship because many supporters were yelling racist comments. Five days later, the German press found out that homophobic songs were sung at the Germany-Hungary European Championship. The ban will affect the next League of Nations, writes

Peter Szijjártó wrote on his Facebook page that a committee that makes such a decision is pathetic and cowardly.

“Seems like UEFA is continuously using labour-minded informants in auditoriums, who have nothing else to do but to write reports about who said what (or not said) in the auditorium. Like in Communism: no need for proof, reporting the informant is enough.”

Many Hungarians are now enraged over the  decision made by UEFA, especially because England got a less severe punishment when the spectators bothered the Danish goalkeeper with laser. Even though this could have affected the game, England only got a 30,000-euro fine, writes Index.

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Source:, The Independent, ATV, Facebook, Index

  1. UEFA is nothing but a truly PATHETIC little ‘tool’ for the European Commission / Parliament, both of which have continually demonstrated antipathy towards Hungary.

  2. This is another – on the GROWING list of examples – that are highlighting, that the – Brand Name – of Hungary – is under a Microscope – of increasing abilities to Factually – highlight – to Europe and the Wider World, that the Political Ideas and Philosophies – style of Government inclined and displayed practiced – away from Democracy to a Dictatorship style and regime – is OCCURING in Hungary.
    The June 15th 2021 – ruling – passing in Parliamentary Law – was the “icing on the cake” – that has bought out – been seen enabling expansion of attack, that continues to expand – the Factually – what is occurring in the Political Landscape of Hungary.
    Hungary – we are in SERIOUS Damage Control.
    We are being Bombarded in Criticism – that evolves from and out of – the present Government of Hungary.
    How many bridges are left by our present Government to burn ??
    How many other “supposed” relationships will see them – disowning friendship with Hungary ??
    The European Union – message last Thursday out of the European Parliament ruling – weight and POWER of numbers against Hungary – the MESSAGE to Hungary – the “Kettle Drums” continue to louden – it’s our way and laws – or Leave – get out Hungary.
    Hungary – we NEED the European Union.
    The “loose cannon” that is our Foreign Minister and “other” hats he wears within the Fidesz Party – Peter Szijjarto – continues to dig deeper and larger holes in matters of seriousness in RELATIONSHIPS with Hungary.
    We are in Troubled Times.
    National Elections in May 2022 – through the Right – granted – Given to us – through DEMOCRACY – gives us VOICE and POWER.
    We must VOTE – and DECIDE – what direction and under what style of Government – the Ideas and Philosophy – of – DOGMA -that we see and we want as Citizens of Hungary – immediately – and into the FUTURE

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