Kossuth Square, Budapest - Hungary marks anniversary of 1956 Soviet reprisal
Kossuth Square, Budapest – Hungary marks anniversary of 1956 Soviet reprisal, photo: MTI

There is so much to do on a long weekend; go hiking, pamper ourselves in fabulous hotels, or exploring new cities near and far. Here is a list of all the long weekends you can plan with in 2019. Be smart, think, plan and get the most out of your precious day offs.

Munkaügyi Fórum collected all the information you need to plan your schedule for next year: long weekends, working Saturdays, etc.

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Even though we will have 6 long weekends, unfortunately we will have to work the exact amount of hours as we did in 2018: 2,000 hours.

The period right before Christmas will be particularly lucky (between 21 December and 1 January), as workers have to schedule only 3 official day offs in order to have 12 work-free days!

There will be six long weekends, and one 6-day-long weekend awaits as well. Of course, we will have to work on three Saturdays to compensate for those six long weekends.

2019 will consist of 250 working days, 115 resting days from which 11 days are public holidays.

Working Saturdays in 2019:

  • 10 August (to make up for 19 August)
  • 7 December (in exchange for 24 December)
  • 14 December (to have 27 December off)

Long weekends in 2019:

3-day-long weekends

  • 15-16-17 March
  • 8-9-10 June
  • 1-2-3 November

4-day-long weekends

  • 19-20-21-22 April
  • 17-18-19-20 August

The biggest gift of 2019 is definitely the 6-day-long weekend which we will have from 24 December until 29 December.

Holidays that will shorten the 5-work-day-weeks:

  • 1 January (Tuesday)
  • 15 March (Friday)
  • 19 April (Friday)
  • 22 April (Monday)
  • 1 May (Wednesday)
  • 10 June (Monday)
  • 20 August (Tuesday)
  • 23 October (Wednesday)
  • 1 November (Friday)
  • 21 December (Wednesday)
  • 26 December (Thursday)

Source: www.munkaugyiforum.hu

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