Budapest, May 29 (MTI) – Hungary is a strong country with firm foundations, with a good performance comparable to other European Union members, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a conference marking the fifth anniversary of his government, in Budapest on Friday.

In 2010, Hungary was in ruins after “eight years of Socialist government” and the crisis that broke out in 2008, but now “the Hungarian frigate is stable”, Orban said. “But there is still plenty to do on deck,” he added.

Orban said that Hungary had made an impressive progress since 2010, though admitted that some mistakes had been made, such as the plan to extend the telecommunications tax.

“We want to be the best ever government for each Hungarian,” Orban said, adding that “Hungary continues to be the number one priority for this government”.

In his address, the prime minister urged a new era, focusing on efforts to ensure people “middle-class living standards”. He added that next year’s budget was already a step in that direction. Orban said that in a civic system policies are not made “high above” but policy makers “knock on people’s doors and seek solutions to their problems”. “We want to build a comfortable country for people working and living on salaries or wages,” he said.

He insisted that this also means that Hungary will remain a country for Hungarians. “Security, prosperity and welfare for Hungarians come first,” Orban said. “More jobs, fewer taxes, support for families, greater order but fewer rules, more comfortable life, pride and commitment,” the prime minister added.

In the past five years “the key word for government was power”, Orban said, and pledged that from now on “listening to the people” would be in focus. He argued that efforts so far have been concentrated on “strengthening a critically weakened” country, and though “a strong leadership must not lose its grip”, paying attention to people’s everyday problems would be a top priority.

On another subject, Orban said that nobody is above the law, and nobody is allowed to abuse an advantageous position, but it is not acceptable, either that “some people are attacked out of envy, just because they are brave and successful”. “Abuse and slander must be met with zero tolerance,” he added.

Concerning the European Union, Orban said he is ready for debate with the community, but is firmly against “anyone driving the country out of the EU or NATO”. “For us, Hungarians, they are family,” he said, adding that “we are not ready for a divorce”.

Orban also voiced commitment for a “free and independent” Hungary, and insisted that Hungary’s sovereignty is “not negotiable”.

Referring to the EU’s new position on immigration, Orban said that “if somebody seeks to strip me of my fundamental right to select those I wish to allow into my house, family or homeland, they do not wish me good but bad”.

Photo: MTI


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