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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted US President Donald Trump on the occasion of America’s Independence Day, on Saturday, the prime minister’s press office reported.

Hungarians and Americans are committed to values shared by their countries, such as freedom, sovereignty, and independence, the prime minister wrote in his letter. Efforts to preserve a Christian identity, supporting families, and providing joint assistance to Israel are dominant factors in the policies of both countries, he added.

Orbán highlighted the US’s sheltering many Hungarians that had to flee their homeland, and said that Hungarian-Americans are a strong link between the two nations.

Donald Trump & Viktor Orbán
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He said his government was committed to protecting freedom and sovereignty even in hard times, adding that Hungary was ready to make a fair contribution to NATO’s expenses.

Orbán also assured Trump that the Hungarian government would go on working to protect Hungary’s borders and fight illegal migration.

The Hungarian government wants to strengthen bilateral ties and stay a committed ally of the US, Orban said, adding that he was looking forward to continuing in joint efforts.

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Source: MTI

  1. Orban, PLEASE don’t hitch your wagon with the USA, it may not even exist as a country within 10 years, America is on the verge of a civil war and being Balkanized if things keep going the way they are presently. America is finished as an empire and will soon just be another empire that ran its course and died from financial and moral bankruptcy like many others in the history books.

  2. Jack Russell – TRUE.
    America is a Humanitarian disaster.
    The abyss they are in what can save them ?
    HOPE is there but grave reservation to that word for them.
    It is a collapsed Empire and continues the trend history tells as why empires collapse.
    Stay Well – ALL.

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