Financier George Soros, the “most corrupt man in today’s international politics”, is threatening Hungary and Poland, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a regular interview with public radio on Friday.


Orbán insisted Soros had “many politicians on his payroll … he is the corrupting force behind the Brussels bureaucrats blackmailing and threatening Hungary.”

He noted that Soros had published a “big article” recently, “instructing Brussels bureaucrats” what to do. The European Council reacted “calmly” by saying they knew how to resolve debates within themselves, he told Kossuth Radio.

Orbán said Soros was threatening Hungary and Poland, though the EU habitually resolved debates through negotiation.

“Debates at knifepoint” are not uncommon in the EU, a natural consequence of having to reconcile the interests of 27 member states, he said.

EU budget and recovery fund

The prime minister said unscrupulous “lies” about Hungary were not uncommon but now they had reached fever pitch. He said the only acceptable solution to the current impasse over the EU budget and recovery fund would be a genuinely legal, not a political, one. With Soros’s input, he said “they want to create institutions” that, with a qualified majority, could force Hungary to dismantle its fence on the southern border and let migrants into the country. “Hungary rejects such demands,” he said.

Orbán said that for Hungary the dispute was not over money, adding that Hungary was a stable country where all the developments planned for the next ten years could get off the ground regardless of political debates and without the input of Brussels, adding that Hungary “can borrow for thirty years” without the EU thanks to its good reputation on the international markets. Orbán added that the country had raised a credit of 2.5 billion euros recently.


Meanwhile, the prime minister said the 12 million doses of vaccines Hungary had procured against the coronavirus are expected to be sufficient to stem the epidemic. The vaccines are likely to be rolled out at the end of spring, although exact dates are as yet uncertain, he said, adding that vaccines were health-care issues, not political ones. If certain countries are further along in developing it, then it “makes sense” that Hungary should order from them as well, he said, referring to talks under way with China and Russia.

Referring to Soros’s call for an inquiry as to why Hungary had received samples of a Russian vaccine on Thursday, Orbán said:

“It isn’t Soros’s job to decide which vaccines are good and which aren’t. That is for laboratories to decide and the Hungarian people, who will be free to choose from among several vaccines.”

Orbán said the favourable statistics recorded in the past few days weren’t proof that the coronavirus epidemic was subsiding. Referring to a recent consultation with Hungary’s chief medical officer, Orbán said the number of infections “may fall further but equally it could start rising again”. He asked Hungarians to be more disciplined “because the lives of the elderly are in danger, and all lives matter.”

Healthcare system, coronavirus

He said the number of people in hospital was high, but the health-care system had not yet reached capacity.

Orbán noted that 1,150 soldiers are serving in hospitals and another 1,150 are on standby. He rejected accusations that the government had failed to prepare adequately for a second wave.

The prime minister expressed doubt about quick coronavirus tests and said the logistical task of organising testing in the smallest of localities was hard, “but we are prepared”, noting that 2,000 students were involved in the operations. Orbán said

mass testing was good preparation for when mass vaccinations occur.

coronavirus treatment in hungary
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Source: MTI

  1. Soros is the greatest single threat to world peace at this point in time with his constant interference in nations all over the planet trying to foment revolutions and social instability while trying to advance his one world government Marxist superstate that will be the worst tyranny ever known to mankind. Orban needs to do everything he can to stiffle Soros at every turn.

  2. Without Soros’ money, Orbán would most likely be spending his days between some shabby bench in some derelict suburb of Pest, and begging on Vaci utca to make a living.
    Instead, thanks to the opportunity Soros gave him decades ago, he is the dictator of Orbananas and can do his regular beggings in Brussels, together with his Polish mate. Not bad at all.
    He owes Soros a lot.

  3. Broaden this battery of attack on George Soros, to examine this question :
    In the History of Mankind, present day 21st century globally, has there been a greater number of present day Politicians and those from the Private sector, for want of category placement, that have reputations, that Factorially are questionable, evidence that gives cause for consideration, that is Corrupt ?
    Information Technology – provides us the availability to research, form opinions or take positions, communicate our opinions, if we have an interest in the “theatrics” of the global world of politics, and those, possible bureaucrats, that hold substantial power over Politicians and Political Party’s in their – policies, function and operation.
    Letters of the alphabet – A to Z as the formulation to “play your game”.
    Using surnames to compile your eg. T for Trump, list your characters, who give you concerns and Trepidation and Doubts, as to their Reputations and Agendas.
    Mind Boggling – the number on my list ///
    Try – Play the game, bit of mind stimulation in these “curfew times” we are challenged to live in.
    Answer to my question – my answer :
    NEVER – in the History of Mankind have we seen – Globally – the abuse of Honesty and Candour – totally being abused and misrepresented in their dictionary defined word explanation purpose and usage.

  4. With trouble ahead for Orban its time to dust off this old boogie monster – can’t use the immigrant excuse at the moment as the borders are closed.
    Orban has been slinging mud towards Soros for years but has never managed to produce a single slither of evidence for anything he has actually managed to do.
    Every day that passes, Orban looks more and more like a stroppy teenager.

  5. Orbanas is totally wrong. Mr. Orban received his law degree from a Hungarian University. He did study political science in England but did not obtain a degree. Mr. Orban could have studied political science in Hungary. He did not need Soros. Unique individuals always reach the top regardless of obstacles.

    Let us stop for a moment and analyze which country’s policy raised the standard of living, or increased protection of its citizens? Hungary as well as the rest of V4 is the only EU block that did not have a terrorist attack, an increase in rape statistics nor beheading its citizens. Hungary’s unemployment rate was one of the lowest and the standard of living and salaries were raised. That cannot be said about other EU nations. Therefore, it is a logical conclusion that Mr. Orban is the best leader of an EU country.

    Let us look at Soros and his policy. Open borders, it is obvious it does not work. Globalism, the result is that the standard of living drops in developed countries because jobs are exported to developing countries. France, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg still use African countries as their colonies. This results is mass exodus because of the poor standard of living due to globalism and colonial administration. The 500 + millions of dollars that France gains from the so called colonies should have been invested in those countries so that the people could stay in their homeland.

    It is always to the advantage of a country to have a leader that puts its own citizens first. This is happening now in Austria, Denmark and other countries who do not wish to burden their citizens by uneducated illegal migrants who depend on and will depend on the taxpayers for the rest of their lives.

    Soros is detrimental to Hungary. Mr. Orban should always watch his back to save his life and the safety of its people from would be foreign dictator.

  6. Soros is an old man, he now has less time to bring his dreams to fruition. His son, on the other hand, has been learning at his father’s knee and is willingly taking on his father’s projects.

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