reports that an awesome programme is suggested for all Pokémon fans: in order to celebrate Pokémon GO and how massive it has become, fans are awaited at the Heroes’ Square to participate in Pokewalk, and hunt for Pokémons together.

The day has arrived, on July 16 Pokémon GO, the world’s latest hit, a game people are going crazy for, became available to download in Hungary as well, writes Thus, people of the country can now join all the enthusiastic hunters around the world, to catch ‘em all.

Pokémon GO is a game application, which combines the virtual with reality, because, with the help of your phones, you can see the digital Pokémons appearing in real-life locations, thus, users actually have to go and find them where the map shows they are. The aim is to gather as many as possible and the virtual beings can also be sent to fight other users’.

The game can be downloaded both for Android and iOS phones, so brace yourselves, and don’t get surprised, because people will be wandering around the streets, their heads in their phones while looking for little digital creatures appearing in the real world.

But even before it got officially available, people were seen chasing the Pokémons in different parts of Budapest, therefore, it comes as no surprise that the first community let’s- do-it-together hunting has already been advertised. Mark your calendars: at 6pm on Saturday, July 23, everyone wanting to be Ash Ketchum is expected to be at Heroes’ Square to join the Pokewalk Budapest event.

Further information shall be found on the event’s Facebook page, where the organizers wrote that the whole walk was inspired by the one in Vienna; but they also highlight that attendees are recommended to arrive with a fully charged battery and they may bring extra chargers as well, for they’d be surely useful. Besides, fans of Pokémon GO in Budapest also have a Facebook page, check it if you’re in need.

Photo: – Pokewalk Budapest

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