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Even police officers were surprised by what they found in a downtown club of Budapest.

According to Blikk, there was a police raid in Fészek (Nest) club in Kossuth Lajos Street, in the downtown of the Hungarian capital. It seems that officers of the police appeared there because many local parents reported that after the parties in the club, their children were unwell. According to Blikk, police went into the club during the Saturday night party and took five men and a woman with them because of drug possession.

This was followed by house searches in the case of the six arrested people. During these operations, police officers found 60 grams of a suspicious green substance, 16 pieces of suspicious pills, 10 grams of powder and 10 cigarettes.

Afterwards, they continued the operation in the club on Sunday because locals reported that after the raid, the place opened again. In the second “round”, officers arrested at least 25 people. Here is a video on what happened:

According to an eye-witness, some kind of a fight happened in the afternoon at the front of the club between those who were released by the police.

A close-mouthed statement of the police says that officers of the Police Department of Budapest conducted a coordinated operation in Kossuth Lajos Street (5h district) where they showed up after 2 o’clock in the afternoon. In a new statement, they say that 47 people were arrested on suspicion of drug possession. In their case, there are further processes in progress, but 41 of them already produced a positive drug test.

And another video on the drug raid:

According to HVG, the police took measures against 53 people. This means that most of the guests in the club owned some kind of illegal drug. In fact, police officers found and seized 10 grams of a suspicious green substance, 10 pieces of drug-like pills, more than 55 grams of suspicious powder and a bottle full with suspicious liquid in the club.

Photo: MTI

Source: blikk.hu, hvg.hu

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