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Police capturing and shooting at the escaping prisoner on the street.

A prisoner escaped from court last week, after receiving his prison penalty. He also grabbed a gun, took hostages and got into a car chase with the police. After being captured and taken into hospital, the police commented on a civilian’s act, who was bravely trying to stop the fugitive prisoner on the street.

444.hu posted the police’s video on the convict’s capture and also wrote about the police’s reaction on the reckless driver’s scrimmage with the gunman.

On Monday the 18th of February, at the Budapest Police Headquarters, 12 police officers were rewarded after capturing a fugitive on the street, running with a gun in his hand. There was also one man who jumped out of his car and tried to slow the criminal down by holding the criminal’s hands and shoulders. On the video, it seems like the man’s actions were helpful for the police officers.

However, the civilian man was not rewarded because the police considered his act unnecessary.

Watch the police capture and arrest him in the video:

In the first couple of seconds, you can see the prisoner walking out of the court while taking a security guard hostage. After that – which is not in the video – the man stopped a car with a 63-year-old Nissan driver and forced him to drive away while pointing a gun at his temple.

In Nyírpalota Street, the fugitive man had to get out of the Nissan and wanted to get into another car, so he stopped a Mercedes – at 0:12 in the video – but the driver resisted the gunman and wanted to shove him down on the ground.

At this time, the policemen were already close to the prisoner. The driver probably wanted to defend his sister, who was sitting in the backseat at the time, by not letting the man get into the car with a gun in his hand.

Fortunately, the amok was captured, and he did not injure anyone. However, he received seven shots in his body and was taken to hospital.

The police’s comments on the defender’s behaviour:

444.hu asked the Hungarian police‘s opinion about the brave man’s behaviour, who was probably trying to save his own car, his sister and was about to help the police officers.

The police’s answer was:

“Police suggests not to confront an escaping convict in similar cases, rather show them a conforming behaviour. In this exact case, the policemen were already directly behind the convict. The driver’s behaviour did not help the police capture the man.”

Featured image: youtue.com/user/PoliceHungary

Source: 444.hu

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