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At noon 15th February in Budapest Regional Court a prisoner escaped and got himself into a car chase on the streets of Budapest. The fugitive was being chased from Budapest city centre all the way to outer districts, 10 kilometres away from the court.

A guilty man at the court had just received his 13-month penalty at the Budapest Regional Court for truculence and vandalism when he managed to get out of the court building. After receiving the sentence, he did not let himself wearing the handcuffs and grabbed a guard’s gun out of his hands. He then ran outside to force a car’s 63-year-old driver to stop and drive for him, while pointing the gun against his head. Nobody was injured at the Regional Court at the time, index.hu reported.

The fugitive was already sentenced before, he had received a 9-year-sentence before in 2017, too.

The city was full of the cars of the Hungarian police. Some say it was about 50 police cars chasing the grey Nissan with the fugitive. The whole Árpád bridge was under police control. A policeman shot at the car at some point, when the car was going past the police cars, driving on the grass.

VIDEO about the Police shooting at the escaping car:

After that, the fugitive had to pop out of the car, while the policemen pursued him with guns shooting at him.

VIDEO – Gunned policemen chasing the escaping prisoner


After this short scene, the fugitive wanted to get into another car, where a 32-old-man and his sister were sitting. The dangerous criminal was banging his gun on the car’s windshields, trying to get inside. Then the man stepped out of his own car and pressed the prisoner’s hands to his body closely, the prisoner, shortly after this, run further, and the police kept chasing him.

“I could see the madness in his eyes, I will never forget how he looked at me.” – said the man, who tried to defend his car and helped the police officers.

The policemen shot 25 times at the man, 7 of the shots hit his body.

#hungary #hungarian #prisoner #CAR #chase
Police scene after that the fugitive was captured, photo: Zoltán Mihádák

The man was captured in the end and was brought to the hospital in dangerous, life-threatening conditions.

Source: index.hu

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