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Polt complains to supreme court over Biszku ruling

Polt complains to supreme court over Biszku ruling

Budapest, November 12 (MTI) – Chief Prosecutor Peter Polt has turned to the Kuria, Hungary’s supreme court, over the case of Bela Biszku, whose trial was repeated under a June court ruling, the daily Magyar Hirlap reported.

Polt has filed a request for legal redress to the Kuria, the paper said in its Thursday issue.

Geza Fazekas, spokesman for the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, told the paper that Polt complained that the higher court which ordered the retrial had not disclosed any evidence of a legal breach and was therefore in breach of the law itself.

Bela Biszku, Hungary’s interior minister in communist times, pleaded not guilty in the second trial in October to charges of committing war crimes after the anti-Soviet uprising in 1956. In June, a municipal appeals court annulled a lower court ruling of 2014 declaring Biszku guilty of instigation and complicity to homicide, and ordered the new trial. The primary court sentenced the now 94-year-old Biszku to five years and six months in prison.

Biszku was charged with playing a role in the shootings at Nyugati square and the one in Salgotarjan in northeast Hungary in the aftermath of the 1956 revolution. He was also charged with denial of communist crimes.

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