Vom 15. bis 19. November 1980 besuchte Seine Heiligkeit Papst Johannes Paul II. die Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Auf Einladung von Bundespräsident Karl Carstens hat der Papst seinen pastoralen Besuch mit einem offiziellen in Bonn verbunden. Am 15. November gab der Bundespräsident einen Empfang zu Ehren Seiner Heiligkeit auf Schloß Augustusburg in Brühl bei Bonn. Dort führte Papst Johannes Paul II. auch ein Gespräch mit Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt. Gleichzeitig traf Bundesaußenminister Hans-Dietrich Genscher mit Kardinal-Staatssekretär Casaroli zusammen. Im Anschluß an den offiziellen Teil begab sich der Papst auf den Bonner Münsterplatz, um dort eine Ansprache zu halten. Ferner bestand der pastorale Teil aus Besuchen in Köln, Osnabrück, Mainz, Fulda, Altötting und München. In allen diesen Städten hielt Papst Johannes Paul II. die Heilige Messe. Eigentlicher Anlaß seines Aufenthaltes in der Bundesrepublik war der 700. Todestag von Albertus Magnus (1193-1280), dessen Grab der Papst in Köln besuchte. Bundespräsident Karl Carstens und Papst Johannes Paul II. auf Schloß Augustusburg in Brühl.

The statue of Pope John Paul II, featuring a cross which has to be removed under a French court order, will stay in Ploermel, in north-western France, instead of being transported to Hungary or Poland, Patrick Diffon, the local mayor, told the Thursday issue of the daily Magyar Idők.

The mayor expressed thanks to the Hungarian and Polish authorities for their offer to grant safe haven to the statue but ruled out that it would be removed from the town.

Earlier this year the Council of State, France’s top administrative court, ruled that the statue was incompatible with the 1905 law on the separation of state and church.

Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister, said in early November that the Hungarian government was ready to pay for the costs of transporting the cross to Hungary.

Decisions restricting Christianity under the pretence of tolerance are “extremely harmful”, Szijjártó said of the ruling at that time.

A similar offer was made by Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who called the one-time pope an excellent Pole and an excellent European, a symbol of Christianity and the united Europe. For this reason, she said, the statue has to be “saved from censorship”.

Asked about the future of the statue, the mayor told the paper, “I have still to think about it. I wish to make a decision under calm conditions, far from howling and anger, so that the memorial be kept in its current form at its current place. As John Paul II was a man of peace, we should also resolve this problem peacefully.”

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  1. While Pope Francis applauds the Islamization of Europe, a recent pastor called this the greatest danger in 1000 years, which will undermine our continent. In strong contrast to the current pope, who welcomes and encourages the arrival of millions of Muslim migrants, Pope John Paul II predicted in 1992 that Islam would be Europe’s ‘deadly scourge’ in this century. The radical change of course in the Vatican once again confirms that the Jesuit pope Francis is one of the most important and at the same time most dangerous left-wing radicalists who pose a great threat to the future of free and prosperous Europe, as well as to Christianity. He said: I see that in the 3rd millennium the church will be plagued by a deadly scourge and that is called Islam that will invade Europe, I have seen the hordes coming from west to east: from Morocco and Libya, from Egypt and from other countries. In the Middle East, according to John Paul, who would have seen this in a vision, the vision was only now made known, presumably because it is a very disagreeable message to the Western elite. Witness of this ‘prophecy’ was msr. Mauro Longhi, a priest of Opus Dei, who was the regular accompanist of the Pope during his short holidays in the Abruzzo Mountains, not far from Rome, between 1985 and 1995.
    The enemies in the church are those who sleep. In the ‘Hermit’s residence of St. Peter and Paul’ at Bienno, Longhi spoke on 22 October 2017 about his encounters with John Paul, who died in 2005 and was declared saintly in 2014. According to Longhi, the Pope knelt in a mountain hut for hours at night to passionately speak with the Lord and his beloved mother Mary. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, John Paul told Longhi that ‘for those who pray, everything can be changed. The enemies of the church are not outside, but in the church. It is the ones who slap’. Longhi is convinced that John Paul had the gift of prophecy and in particular received visions. According to Cardinal Andrzej Deskur, at that time the best friend of the Pope, he would even speak with the incarnate Jesus and see his face and that of his mother.
    The most painful suffering in 1000 years is called Islam. During a mountain walk, John Paul revealed his vision to Longhi. Remember the church in the 3rd millennium: I see the church overcome by a deadly suffering that will be deeper and more painful than ever before in this millennium. It bears the name Islam. They will invade Europe, the hordes from Morocco, Libya, Egypt and other countries in the Orient. Europe will go to the bottom, become an old memory, half in the shadow, a spider web, family memories. You, the church of the 3rd millennium, must stop that invasion – but not with weapons, but with your complete faith. That mission of John Paul has put the current leadership in the Vatican aside and even the other way around, because Pope Francis advocates the opening of the borders even further, the admission of millions of Muslims in Europe and even literally before the end of the existing European culture and society. And he certainly accepts gifts from Mr. Satan Soros!
    There is no greater difference in this world if you compare Cardinal Mindszenty Jósef with ‘the present leader’ in the Vatican. More and more catholic people are turning their backs against Francis. He has played a certain role in deposition procedure of Pope Benedikt.

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