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They are the most popular Hungarian politicians

They are the most popular Hungarian politicians

According to, János Áder has lost the position of being the most popular Hungarian politician. Based on the newest survey of Iránytű Institute, the Minister of National Development, Mihály Varga managed to come before the President of Hungary. Viktor Orbán is only the 5th on the list.

Mihály Varga received a sympathy index of 60 (out of 100), while this number is 58 in the case of János Áder. However, much more people know the president: 90% of the respondents knew who he was, but only 66% knew who Mihály Varga was.

This is a change compared to the past years, which were dominated by the president. The reason behind the decrease of his popularity are probably the divisive laws he said yes to in the past months. One of them was the law concerning the Central European University, while the other condemned civil organisations. Thousands of people went out to protest on the streets, János Áder was asked on several platforms to veto the initiations, but he didn’t raise objection. Meanwhile Mihály Varga stayed out of scandals and negative acts.

The majority of the supporters of Fidesz-KDNP think positively about János Áder, but not many oppositionist respondents gave him maximum points for sympathy.

Fina Aristic

The third most popular Hungarian politician is István Tarlós, the Mayor of Budapest. 60% of Fidesz supporters find him likeable, but there are also quite a few oppositionists that think the same. Only smaller leftist and liberal parties deprecate him completely.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán finished in the 5th place, after EU Commissioner Tibor Navracsics, his sympathy index has been above 50 for several months. It’s not surprising that he is mostly favoured by the voters of Fidesz and KDNP: 60% of them gave him max points, while the supporters of leftist-liberal parties gave him the worst record. Moreover, 61% of MSZP voters, 45% of LMP voters and 40% of Jobbik voters think similarly about him.

Among oppositionist politicians, the most popular are Gergely Karácsony (6th), the prime minister candidate of Párbeszéd, and Ákos Hadházy, the co-president of LMP. However, their publicity is way lower than the top 5 politicians’ as only 53% and 52% of respondents knew who they were.

János Lázár, the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office currently has 49 points, Lajos Kósa, the parliamentary group leader of Fidesz, has 47, and House Speaker László Kövér has 46 points; their publicity is around 80%. Someone else who’s quite known is the president of Jobbik, Gábor Vona with a publicity rate of 89% and a sympathy index of 44 points.

According to the survey of Iránytű Institute, several rejected politicians were able to increase their popularity. For instance, Antal Rogán, the Head of Cabinet of the Prime Minister and Szilárd Németh, the vice-president of Fidesz. László Botka, the prime minister candidate of the Socialists was also able to increase his popularity, but he is still among the tailenders. Even though the mayor of Szeged also managed to increase his publicity rate, he is still the 5th least liked politician. Further unliked politicians include László Toroczkai, Jobbik’s member of the presidency, and former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány.

György Soros is also listed among the least popular politicians. The Hungarian born American billionaire is known by 85% of the people probably due to the hostile governmental campaign. He only got 28 points for sympathy, which is worse than Ferenc Gyurcsány’s index. Only one person is behind him, the most rejected public figure, Lőrinc Mészáros. The mayor of Viktor Orbán’s hometown whose fortune grew by 100 billion forints in one year received 24 points.

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