The wine merchant Bortársaság (Wine Society) has released their 2016 statistics about the wine drinking habits of Hungarians, writes. Here are the most popular wines, wine regions, and grape varieties of 2016.  

The infographics of Bortársaság revealed that Hungarian wine lovers choose white and red wines in almost equal ratio. Red wines have won with 38pc, white wines follow with 36pc. Rosé wines got 14pc, champaigne’s 12pc.


Among the customers of Bortársaság, the most popular wine region is Szekszárd, closely followed by Villány. The southern Balaton region and Tokaj take up third and fourth place.

It may be surprising that the most popular grape variety of the year was Sauvignon Blanc, followed by Welschriesling. The third place is taken by Furmint.

Hungarian wine enthusiasts largely prefer wines from within the country, the statistics revealed. Among foreign wines, French products take first place, followed by the wines of Italy and Spain.

Hungarian wines conquer world competitions

The yearly turnover of Bortársaság is 6.5 billion forints, they carry wines from 79 wineries, and they operate 19 wine shops: 12 in Budapest, 6 in the countryside, and one online.

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