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Hungarian director Zsolt Pozsgai’s film, The Devoted (A megszállottak), received the Golden Fox award at the gala of the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival held between January 16 and 17, Pozsgai told MTI on Monday.

The film tells the story of an encounter between the founder of the Protestant Church, John Calvin, and Catholic Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.

As the director says:

Lausanne, Switzerland, 1536: one of the most famous religious debates of history. The young Calvin on one side, later the other most prominent founder of the Protestant church, next to Luther. On the other side a former Spanish soldier, who, after his death, became the Saint of the Roman Catholic Church: Ignatius of Loyola. Calvin wants to fight for the new religion with fire and sword. Ignatius of Loyola wants to renew his church from inside. Who is right? Through their religious debate we get to know their lives, too. Their journey through their debate is accompanied by love, treason, horror and wars. In the end they have to realize it, too: Christian faith cannot be forced, it can only be a conviction, coming from inside.

The main characters were played by Máte Szabó and Ádám Lux, respectively.

The film was made to mark the 500th anniversary of Reformation in 2018.

The Devoted has won awards earlier at festivals in Monaco, Zurich and Argentina.

Photo: Facebook – The Devoted

Source: MTI

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