Jeruzsálem, 2016. szeptember 28. Simon Peresz egykori izraeli államelnök és miniszterelnök portréja az izraeli kormánynak a Peresz halálhírét követõen összehívott rendkívüli ülésén Jeruzsálemben 2016. szeptember 28-án. A Nobel-békedíjas politikust szeptember 13-én agyvérzéssel szállították kórházba Tel Aviv-ban, ahol szeptember 28-án, 93 éves korában elhunyt. (MTI/EPA/Reuters pool/Ronen Zvulun)

Budapest, September 28 (MTI) – President János Áder sent condolences to the president and people of Israel over the death of former prime minister and president, Nobel peace prize laureate Shimon Peres, on Wednesday.

Áder wrote in his letter to Reuven Rivlin that he was deeply saddened by learning about the Israeli politician’s death and conveyed his condolences to the family of Peres.

“Your people have lost an outstanding political leader who nurtured great dreams and dedicated his entire life to the cause of Israel. He worked hard for the welfare of his people and towards ensuring an enduring peace between Israel and its neighbours,” Áder said.

“Shimon Peres was as true statesman as prime minister and as president as well who led his nation with a commitment throughout a difficult period in history,” he said.

Áder reassured Rivlin that Hungary will remain a trustworthy partner of Israel supporting in the spirit of Peres efforts towards peace in the Middle East and towards strengthening economic prosperity and the prosperity of people in Israel and in the entire region.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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