Josh Cartu, Canadian billionaire residing in Hungary, has already bought the latest Ferrari model from the Icona family, as reports.

The most famous businessman and billionaire, originally from Canada but now living in Hungary, has recently purchased yet another exclusive Ferrari. The company has not even revealed the price of the new Icona cars but that did not stop car-fan Josh Cartu. The Ferraris Cartu bought in Hungary might have been produced in Pécs, so the cars will eventually stay in the country.

Cartu first caught the attention of the Hungarian public when he crashed his car in the Buda tunnel leading to the castle, after which he got famous for being a huge fan of super-exclusive and expensive Ferraris. There have been several instances of crashing Ferraris in Budapest, such as the crash in 2015.


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So good to be back… first drive on summer tires and super car season in full effect!

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He is more than just a regular Ferrari fan daydreaming about cars: he has several of them in his garage.

The billionaire is the owner of an IT company called ‘Sandstorm’ which made him successful and rich enough that he was able to start his lifelong desire: car-racing. He has participated in the Ferrari Challenge competitions in the Trofeo Pirelli AM cup and uses his cars in the inner city of Budapest, beside the competitions.


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In case you haven’t realized yet. I’m not particularly fond of walking… ?

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But why did the successful car-racer and businessman come to live in Budapest?

“I came here originally because of the nightlife, and I had quite a few friends from around the world who lived here. Over the years, the nightlife-interest faded and what became more important were my relationships and friendships” – he said in an interview to

According to the famous car-lover, he is nothing like people imagine when they hear the words billionaire, genius and philanthropist – he is just a man who is passionate about cars and racing and wants to have the time of his life. He is not the only one who likes racing in Budapest: Kimi Raikkonen had a great demonstration a few years ago near the Chain Bridge.


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Good luck guys… gonna be tough tomorrow but nothing worthwhile is ever easy! #ForSergio #forzaferrari

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Following scandals about his love life and his provocative behaviour, he has posted a photo of him sitting in the latest Ferrari model, a Monza SP1!

The iconic cars have been produced in two prototypes: the SP1 and SP2 designs, which means that the two prototypes differ slightly in terms of available space and seats. The most eye-catching feature of the new cars is that they do not have a windshield but a special technology designed specifically for deflecting air and wind during driving.

The company has produced only 500 of the special cars and, of course, Josh Cartu already has decided he wants one.

As he said, it is only a matter of time until he is sitting in his very own Icona – the only question is whether it will be the one with one or two seats.

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