Budapest, June 5 (MTI) – Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on proposed terrorism-related amendments to the constitution next week. They will close out Parliament’s spring session with a vote on the 2017 budget.

Monday’s session will feature speeches prior to the agenda, interpellations and a Q and A session.

On Tuesday, MPs will vote on a proposal to amend the constitution for a sixth time to create the conditions to handle terrorist threats. Under the amendment, proposed by the governing parties, the constitution would include a “state of terrorist threat” among instances that mandate the domestic deployment of the armed forces.

The bill’s approval will likely come down to how the radical nationalist Jobbik party votes on it. On Friday, the leftist opposition parliamentary parties said they would reject the bill, while Jobbik said it was undecided about it. Lawmaker Ádám Mirkóczki said the party would wait to see what changes the government made to the bill, though on balance he favoured recommending the amendment in its current form to fellow party members.

Parliament will also vote on the interior ministry’s proposal on counter-terrorism measures. Under that amendment, the government would increase spending on law enforcement and secret and counter-terrorism services. A key part of the bill is the establishment of a counter-terrorism information and criminal analysis centre.

Lawmakers are set to vote on next year’s budget in two steps. The vote on the tax plan and proposed changes to the draft budget will be held on Tuesday. If the budget is passed into law, VAT on pork, milk, eggs and poultry will be reduced to 5 percent next year. Further, VAT on catering and internet services will be lowered to 18 percent. The final vote on the budget will take place on June 13.

Parliament will also vote on the restructuring of the school system and a proposal to tighten sanctions against companies operating illegal taxi services.

Photo: MTI


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