illegal immigration
Tripoli, 2018. június 25. Európába igyekvõ afrikai illegális bevándorlók érkeznek vissza egy Tripolitól keletre húzódó tengerpartra 2018. június 25-én, miután a líbiai parti õrség egyik hajója fedélzetére vette õket gumicsónakjaikból Gohneima líbiai város partjai elõtt. A parti õrség négy csónakból 490 afrikai migránst, köztük 75 nõt és 21 gyermeket szállított vissza Líbiába. (MTI/AP/Líbiai parti õrség)

The head a pro-government NGO has called for the opinion of ordinary Europeans to be gauged on the issue of migration.

“Brussels’ institutions and European governments can only stay in place if people are asked in short order about the flood of migrants and illegal migration,” László Csizmadia of the Civic Union Forum (COF) told a press conference on Wednesday.

He said candidates in next year’s European parliamentary elections who “overlook the opinion of citizens” would perform badly.

Hungary’s government, he said, was “interested in what people have to say” and had conducted a survey which resulted in the conclusion that “there is no need for a transfusion of migrants”.

“But protecting Europe’s borders and guaranteeing security for families is an obligation.”

Human smugglers, he added, should be “strictly penalised” and “collaborating civil groups” exposed.

Concerning COF and associated COKA foundation, Csizmadia said they would remain as a civil grouping aimed at “preserving national sovereignty and protecting Christian society, respecting subsidiarity and the will of the majority”.

COF-COKA spokesman Zoltán Lomnici Jr. said his organisation had appealed to the EP’s petition committee. It will also approach the European Ombudsman concerning a recent document adopted by the EP’s LIBE committee, which he said was “laden with false claims” concerning topics “outside the scope of the committee” as well as issues that had been “long settled” between the EU and Hungary.

“This is mainly about exerting pressure; it’s an attack on Hungary’s sovereignty,” he said, adding that COF-COKA would use “all legitimate means” to mount a counterattack.

Featured image: MTI/AP

Source: MTI

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