The 23rd of October is a national holiday in Hungary; when Hungarians commemorate the revolution of 1956. The revolution was a nationwide uprising against the government of the People’s Republic of Hungary and its Soviet-imposed policies. Commemorations are organised all over the country.

Let’s see all the fascinating programmes you can participate in this year, according to

At 9 in the morning, the ceremonial flag march will take place in front of the Parliament at Kossuth Square. Then, people will get a chance to participate in the Open Parliament this year, too. Those interested can visit the most curious parts of the Hungarian Parliament: the Holy Crown, the main staircase and the cupola hall for free. It has been one of the most popular programmes for years.

That’s why 23rd of October is so important to Hungarians – VIDEO

This year, same as last year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will give his ceremonious speech in front of the House of Terror at 3 p.m. The museum will be open for visitors even during the holiday.

In the evening at 8, the Freedom concert 1956 will start at Millenáris. Music will be provided by the Hungarian Symphonic Orchestra and popular Hungarian band Anna and the Barbies.

A ceremonial candle lighting will be organised at the wall of heroes as well.

Personal stories from the 23rd of October 1956

People can also hop on and off one of the nostalgia trams (lines 4-6 and 47-49). Moreover, at certain stops of the trams 4-6 and 47-49, passengers will be greeted by the so-called paperboys (‘rikkancs’ in Hungarian), dressed in period clothing.

Of course, many events will be organised in the countryside, too. People can take part in the ceremonious commemorations or other festivals such as The Fall Picnic in Siófok or The Pancake Festival in Szeged.

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