According to, over 700 drivers have been fined based on public space surveillance camera recordings. However, these cameras are not suitable to be used as a basis for fining drivers, the police declared.

Last week, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós told drivers who had been fined based on public space surveillance camera recordings not to pay their fine. According to the mayor, drivers are being fined unlawfully based on the recordings. Public space inspectors should be there on location instead of relying solely on camera recordings, said the mayor.

As reported, in District III, the crossing of Bécsi Way and Szépvölgyi Way is a particularly problematic area. Many drivers disregard the traffic sign prohibiting right turns, and as a consequence, 755 drivers have been fined in the past two weeks based on the municipality’s camera recordings. The traffic sign was installed so drivers turning right don’t get in the way of trams.

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Following the mayor’s statement, the neighbourhood of Óbuda-Békásmegyer posted an announcement on their website saying that the district’s public space surveillance is following legislative requirements when they issue a fine based on the camera recordings. The post distinguishes between different degrees of violation, and states that public space surveillance is acting within its rights when they fine drivers, even if they are doing so based on a recording and are not present on location.

However, according to the National Police Headquarters, the public space surveillance cameras don’t meet legislative requirements, and the car’s owner cannot be fined based on these recordings. Public space surveillance has the right to report drivers, the police is obliged to investigate, and if the driver’s identity becomes known (that is, they confess), a fine can be issued. If not, the owner cannot be fined.

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