As in previous years, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport provides continuous public transport services during the holidays. On 24 December 2014 after 16:00 regular daytime services, such as metros, trams and trolleybuses, will stop running and night buses will start operating. On New Year’s Eve, substantially more frequent services and buses with higher capacity will ensure that everyone will be able to reach their destination in Budapest. We wish happy holidays to all of our customers!

Public transport on 22 and 23 December: Workday schedules during school holiday

On 22 December (Monday) the workday schedules during school holiday apply.

On 23 December (Tuesday) workday schedules during school holiday on Fridays apply on public transport services.

On 24 December 2014 (Wednesday)

Until approximately 16:00, Saturday schedules will apply. From 16:00 night bus services will apply.

Departure times of the last metro trains on 24 December:

Line M1 to Vörösmarty tér
at Mexikói út: 15:28
at Deák Ferenc tér 15:39
Line M1 to Mexikói út
at Vörösmarty tér: 15:43
at Deák Ferenc tér 15:44
Line M2 to Örs vezér tere
at Déli pályaudvar: 15:33
at Deák Ferenc tér: 15:40
Line M2 to Déli pályaudvar
at Örs vezér tere: 15:28
at Deák Ferenc tér: 15:40
Line M3 to Újpest Központ
at Kőbánya-Kispest: 15:28
at Kálvin tér: 15:42
at Deák Ferenc tér: 15:45
Line M3 to Kőbánya-Kispest
at Újpest-Központ: 15:19
at Deák Ferenc tér: 15:34
at Kálvin tér: 15:37
Line M4 to Kelenföld vasútállomás
at Keleti pályaudvar: 15:43
at Kálvin tér: 15:47
Line M4 to Keleti pályaudvar
at Kelenföld vasútállomás: 15:28
at Kálvin tér: 15:37

As in previous years, after the last daytime transport services departing at around 16:00, night transport services start operating in Budapest with the regular transfer points. On 24 December after 23:00 regular Saturday night schedules apply for night services as displayed at the stops. Bus 914A does not operate on this night but bus 914 serves the entire route of bus 914A according to its regular frequency. Please add the line number below to see the detailed transport schedules and last departure times of the daytime services on 24 December.

Public transport on 25 and 26 December: Sunday schedules

On 25 and 26 December 2014 (Thursday and Friday) public holiday (Sunday) schedules apply for public transport services. Buses 38, 92, 138, 140B, 162, 204, 218, and 238 will not be serving the stops at the big shopping centres, as those will be closed.

On the night of 25 December (from Thursday night to Friday dawn) Saturday schedules apply, on the night of 26 December (from Friday night to Saturday dawn), Friday schedules apply on night public transport services.

Public transport on 27 and 28 December: Saturday and Sunday schedules

On 27 December Saturday while on 28 December Sunday schedules apply on public transport services.

Public transport on 29, 30 and daytime on 31 December: year-end schedules

On 29 December (Monday), 30 December (Tuesday) and daytime on 31 December 2014 (Wednesday) workday schedules during school holiday apply while some lines (as indicated in their schedules) operate less frequently according to end-of-the-year schedule.

On these days there are no services on public boat line D11, tram 1A and buses 100 and 261E.

Lines with special end-of-the-year schedules are the following:

Public transport on New Year’s Eve: more frequent night services

Following the last departures of daytime lines, night services operate on more frequent schedules. Trams 4 and 6 run every 3-5 minutes on the Grand Boulevard (Nagykörút). The cogwheel railway (tram line 60) operates at night as well every 60 minutes. Night services – with some exceptions – are provided with more frequency or higher capacity while some buses operate for an extended service period.

Buses 907, 908, 914, 922, 931, 950, 950A, 956, 973 and 990 run three times more frequently than usual.
Buses 909, 914A, 923, 934, 941, 964, 979 and 979A run twice more frequently than usual.
The service period is extended of buses 916 and 940.
On the routes of buses 901, 918 and 960, higher-capacity articulated buses operate.
Bus 100 will operate between 21:00 on 31 December 2014 and 9:00 on 1 January 2015.
Please note that the usual connections between regular nightbuses are provided on New Year’s Eve, however connections are not provided for the extraordinary “higher-frequency” services on the night of 31 December.

Public transport on 1 January 2015: Sunday schedule

On 1 January 2015 (Thursday) public holiday (Sunday) schedules apply on public transport services. Buses 38, 92, 138, 140B, 162, 204, 218, and 238 will not be serving the stops at the big shopping centres, as those will be closed.


Public transport on 2 January 2015 workday schedules, on 3 January Saturday schedules

On 2 January (Friday) and on 3 January (Saturday) Saturday schedules during school holiday apply on public transport services.

Ticket and pass purchase possible continuously during the holiday season

In Budapest and the metropolitan area, a total of 250 new ticket vending machines have been put into service with round-the-clock availability at most locations. Between 24 December 2014 and 1 January 2015, BKK Customer Service Centres and ticket offices welcome customers wishing to buy tickets and passes or those who need public-transport related assistance according to special holiday opening hours. Please check the holiday opening schedule for a customer service centre, ticket office or ticket vending machine with the help of the sales point finder on our website by searching for a specific location or for opening hours until mid-January or consult the table below.


The holiday and end-of-the-year parking rules for the parking areas below are:

Parking is free of charge between 20:00 on 23 December (Tuesday) to 8:00 on 5 January 2015 (Monday).

Regular fees apply at guarded and paying P+R car parks:

Buda Castle and Citadella – 1st district
Hűvösvölgy terminus – 2nd district
Flórián üzletközpont – 3rd district
Rákóczi tér underground car park – 8th district
Margitsziget and Újpest-Városkapu metro station – 13th district
KÖKI Terminál and Kőbánya-Kispest metro station – 19th district

Photo: Daily News Hungary


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