The active members of Queen and singer Adam Lambert are giving a concert in Budapest for the first time as part of their European tour. The collaboration is performing in the László Papp Sports Arena on November 4, writes.

The European leg of the 2017 tour begins on November 1 in Prague. The band will perform in 23 arenas in continental Europe as well as the UK and Ireland. The tour celebrates the 40th anniversary of one of the most successful albums of Queen, the 1977 News of the World, which contains among others the hit songs We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions.

The tour “will look entirely different to the show we took around before,” says drummer Roger Taylor. “Production has really changed a lot, the things you can do now, you have a much broader palette, the technology has really come along. But we don’t use it all. We don’t play to click track. It’s 100% live.”

Taylor says that they are “planning on doing stuff we either haven’t done before or haven’t done for a long time. We started as an albums band, that’s what we were. The fact we had hits was just a bi-product.”

“The general public knows the hits, so you’ve got to cater for that,” says guitarist Brian May, “but we can chuck in a few things that people really don’t expect. We’ll do quite a bit more of that this time around.”

Vocalist Adam Lambert has been working with Queen since 2011, and has toured with the band extensively, giving over 100 concerts.

“There are so many dimensions to Adam, which of course fits with our music. He can get down and do the rock stuff really dirty, and you have all those dimensions, and we can explore that even more,” says Brian May.

“What people should know if they came to the shows a couple of years back, is obviously we will still be playing the big hit songs you know and love from Queen, but we thought it would be good to challenge ourselves a bit,” says Lambert. “Change it up a little bit, change the visuals, change all the technology, change the set list to some degree. We will probably be pulling some other songs out of the Queen catalogue which we haven’t done before, which I am very excited about.”

The North American leg of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour kicks off on June 23 in Phoenix, AZ. On tour, Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert will be accompanied by Spike Edney on keys, Neil Fairclough on bass, and percussionist Tyler Warren.

Queen, founded in 1971 and immensely active until Freddie Mercury’s death 20 years later, is one of the most successful bands in the history of rock music, selling over 170 million records worldwide.

Over 30 years ago, on July 27, 1986, Queen became the first famous Western European band to perform behind the Iron Curtain. Over 80,000 people attended the concert in Budapest, which was also part of Queen’s Live Magic concert film.

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