National Legion Hungary
National Legion, photo: MTI/Márton Mónus

The extra-parliamentary party Mi Hazánk has set up a National Legion for “defence education, preserving military traditions and helping to save lives and assets in case of a natural disaster”, the radical nationalist party’s leader announced on Tuesday.

László Toroczkai insisted that the new organisation was not a legal successor to the banned Hungarian Guard but shared its ideology. He argued that “the factors that led to the establishment of the Hungarian Guard have not been eliminated but have multiplied”.

“Determined people who want to do something for themselves have the right to organise their own defence,” he added.

Toroczkai noted the 100th anniversary of the National Army, which, led by Miklós Horthy, “purged the country of communists”. He added that

just like in 1919, the country “is heading towards anarchy” and mentioned a “Gypsy party aimed at forming an independent Gypsy province” and “the city of Törökszentmiklós [in eastern Hungary], where a Gypsy clan keeps local residents in terror”.

The National League aims to fight “anarchy and criminals” as well as “support thousands of evicted Hungarians”, Toroczkai said, adding that League members would monitor evictions in future.

The National League, headed by former French Foreign Legion member László Födelmesi, will make its public introduction in Szeged, in southern Hungary, on June 1, Toroczkai said.

Toroczkai also said that despite a recent police ban of a planned demonstration, Mi Hazánk would go ahead with the protest in Törökszentmiklós.

Source: MTI

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