Police.hu reported that the the National Bureau of Investigation of the Hungarian Intervention Police was conducting an investigation against several taxi drivers of Hungarian nationality on founded suspicion of assisting illegal immigration.

According to Police.hu, between March and May 2016, the men transported illegal immigrants from different temporary accommodation centres to a hotel in Budapest, so that later, other drivers (mainly Moroccan, Egyptian and Iraqi) could transport them to Western Europe through Austria and Slovakia. The transportation was managed by the leader of a criminal organization, an Iraqi man being under subsidiary protection in Hungary. For the transportation from the temporary accommodations to the hotel, the taxi drivers received 50-150 Euros.

The Hungarian Intervention Police – closely cooperating with the German, the Italian, the Austrian and the Slovakian police, and the EUROPOL – identified the leader and more members of the criminal organization. On 1th February, the investigators conducted a search in the hotel and arrested the leader and his Hungarian fellows. Meanwhile, the police officers joint with the colleagues of the Hungarian Immigration and Asylum Office conducted an investigation in the hotel, as a consequence of which, they arrested a wanted person, and they found mobile phones, SIM-cards, computes, notes in relation to crime, large amount of cash, and a luxury land rover, Police.hu reported.

The Croatian, the Bulgarian, the German, the Austrian and the Romanian authorities also conducted searches and placed more than 20 people under procedure who are suspected of assisting illegal immigration in criminal organization.

Police.hu wrote that the National Bureau of Investigation heard the arrested as accused, placed them under arrest, and they initiated their pre-trial detention.



Photo and video: Police.hu

Copy editor: bm

Source: Police.hu

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