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Sure, the bridges are beautiful, and the takeout options are phenomenal, but why do we really like living in Budapest? Here are five reasons that locals tend to agree on.

Take a walk and breathe history

Budapest is not the youngest kid on the block. Buda and Pest were officially merged into what we now know as Budapest in 1873. That was almost 150 years ago, and Buda and Pest were flourishing separately way before that. Historic buildings are everywhere, and so are statues, squares, and places. You can learn a lot about Hungarian history just by taking an afternoon stroll in the capital.


Photo: Wiki Commons Készítette: Pelz

Without a doubt, Budapest is the most diverse Hungarian city. One can meet so many interesting people from all over the globe. Just take a look at the thriving Jewish quarter. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were around 200 thousand Jews living in Budapest, making it one of the biggest Jewish populations outside of Israel. Erzsébetváros is dotted with fascinating symbols of Jewish culture and history. The world’s second-largest synagogue is located there, known as Tabakgasse Synagogue or the Great Synagogue, but there are around 20 other active synagogues in the Hungarian capital.

Budapest also has its own Chinatown around Monori Centre, where they have been hosting a Street Food Night Market every summer. During the festival, a wide selection of signature Chinese street food are prepared fresh so that everyone can take a bite of China.

Vibrant nightlife, never a dull moment


Is it a Tuesday or Wednesday night? It does not matter because here, you will find an amazing party if you are looking for one. The infamous party district is full of hipster ruin pubs, fancy bars, and incredible nightlife. The Szimpla Kert ruin pub was the pioneer in the movement to convert abandoned buildings into engaging nightspots, using refuse and odd collectables as decor. And if you are already tired of ruin bars, here are six alternative places to hang out in District VIII.

Relaxation on the next level

Budapest Széchenyi Spa

The greatest number of spas can be found in Budapest; no wonder it has been the proud owner of the title “Capital of spas” since 1937. Budapest is the only major city in the world that has 118 medical springs and wells. It is also the only capital worldwide where 5 – still operating – historic thermal baths can be found. There are numerous possibilities for some quality me-time or an afternoon wellness session with your friends.

City with a thousand faces

What I love most about Budapest is that it can always surprise me. There are still so many districts I have not visited, and each of them is like a different city altogether. If you leave downtown and go to the outer districts, you will find green and peaceful suburban areas or hills with forests. Of course, downtown is the tourist centre, but once you are here, try to visit as many districts as you can to see all of the faces of the city.

Click here if you are interested to see how Budapest evolved during the centuries.

Source: Daily News Hungary; Wikipedia

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