házi csoki homemade chocolate

Are you craving something sweet but at the same time would like to try a new recipe, because you have already mastered the art of carnival doughnuts and the Somlói galuska? How about cooking chocolate with your favourite filling?

The following recipe reveals the secrets of homemade chocolate, a dessert that was the highlight of each and every Hungarian’s childhood. Even though this recipe that is passed down from generation to generation with some variations looks easy at first glance, it can go wrong very quickly, but you only need patience and attention, not the skills of a Michelin-star chef.


40 decagrams of crystal sugar
1 decilitre of water
5 decagrams of unsweetened cocoa
20 decagrams of good quality milk powder
10 decagrams of butter


Sieve the milk powder thoroughly and the cocoa into one bowl and mix together.

Heat up the sugar with the water, until the sugar has dissolved completely, then cook it for a couple more minutes until you get a thick syrup. The syrup is well done when it starts to get bubbly. At this point, you can test the syrup by adding a couple of drops into a glass of cold water:

if it dissolves, keep on cooking it and re-test it after one or two minutes.

Add the butter to the syrup and take it off the head, but keep stirring the mixture, until the butter has melted completely.

Add to cocoa and milk powder mix to this syrup in 4-5 parts and stir it with a whisk so that it becomes smooth. Make sure there are no lumps in it.

Butter a pan and then pour the mixture into it. It is advised to wait at least 4 hours until it cools and hardens thoroughly.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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