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The Hotel Budapest building in the Paris Court has been under construction for a while now, but recent news gives hope for reopening by the end of this year. The renovation of both the facade with ceramic decorations and the crystal dome has been completed – reports pestbuda.hu.

Tamás Fazekas, the manager of the 5-star hotel, revealed during a recent press conference that the plan is to open the new building of the Hotel Budapest by the end of the year and start the probation period.

The renovation of the monument at Ferenciek Square has been completed for the most part, and the scaffolding has been removed, except for at certain small parts. One of the trademarks of the building, the crystal dome, has also been renovated.

The hotel will have 110 rooms, 18 suites and 2 luxury suites with panoramic view and a roof garden.

On the ground and mezzanine floors, shops, restaurants and cafés will be located, while, on the 1st floor, a spa, as well as fitness and wellness opportunities, will welcome guests. The next stage of construction will focus on the renovation of the inside spaces and, according to plans, Ferenciek Square can be visited without any obstruction by November this year.

parisian garden, renovation
Paris Court Hotel Budapest under construction
Photo: MTI Photo – Balázs Mohai

The hotel manager revealed that the renovation cost 13.1 billion forints (40 265 434.9 EUR). The hotel is going to be operated by Mellow Mood Hotels and belong to The Unbound Collection chain by the Hyatt Group, once it is completed.

János Hermesz, the investment project manager emphasised that, since the building is under historic preservation, it is going to be renovated accordingly, in its original style.

Over the course of the renovation, certain unexpected complications popped up. However, they do not expect any more structural or monument-related problems to slow down their work.

Market Building Zrt., the company responsible for the renovation, is committed to following the guidelines for conserving monuments. András Tóth, the project manager of the monument conservation part of the process, shared some details regarding the renovation process.

The restored facade is an impressive 3000 square meters, requiring close to 10 thousand pieces to repair the damages. 41 professional renovators are part of the delicate work. 

It is useful to note that the Mellow Mood group owns and operates 12 hotels in and around Budapest. The Hyatt Group’s Unbound chain specialises in running high-end luxury hotels in extraordinary locations.

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Featured image: MTI Photo – Balázs Mohai

Source: pestbuda.hu

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