Lawmakers on Tuesday voted to approve a plan paving the way for a nationally interoperable electronic ticketing system combined with an information and traffic management system.

The plan received 116 votes in favour, two against and 52 abstentions.

The central system is scheduled to be operational by December 2019 at the latest and will encompass national, suburban, regional and local passenger services.

The new system is not solely about tackling ticket abuse but also aims to make travelling easier as well as helping the coordination of various timetables, according to the justification attached to the legislation.

The amendment to the transport law also allows traffic organisers to introduce community car-rental and community cycling schemes.

The new system also affects the aviation sector as fees will be merged and reduced for inspections of annual air ambulance centres.

Also, foreigners will be able obtain the necessary paperwork for driving licenses at foreign missions, among other advantages.

Source: MTI

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