Centre of Budapest Transport (BKK) will launch its online ticket sales system, as it was developed again by T-Systems. The previous version had to be cancelled this summer due to critical errors. The newly developed system was delivered to the company on Wednesday, but it is recommended to test it with ethical hackers before it is put into public use. The unfortunate affairs in summer — involving the scandalous harassment of a 18-year-old boy who revealed a flaw in the security of the system — was proven to be instructive.

T-Systems Hungary told HVG.hu that they completed the test version of the new online ticket sales system on 22 November and they delivered it to BKK. The company has taken responsibility for the system and they have provided the project with proper human and financial resources.

The system was made more secure than its predecessor and some new modules were added to it.

T-Systems recommended to run a bug bounty program after the testing. This technique means that ethical hackers search for errors and bugs in the system, and if they find any, they get reward for it. They also check the proper functioning of the system.

The company announced the development of a new system in July. They have promised a more resistant infrastructure, as well as multiple ways of payment and a user-friendly application.

Manager Zoltán Kaszás claimed that the whole development was financed by the company’s funds.

Ethical hackers are important because of the past scandal involving a 18-year-old boy, who purchased a ticket for 50 forints (about 15 euro cents) using a glitch in the online system of the company, which resulted in his arrest. It did not help either that the case was treated with zealous enthusiasm by the police. After the issue has grown into a nationwide scandal, masses of people stood for the innocence of the young hacker, who received a pardon later.

Photo: www.bkk.hu

Source: HVG.hu

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