The Eastern part of the Buda Castle Hill is an ideal place for nice walks and admiring nature and the beautiful view of Budapest. Last year, due to the National Hauszmann Program, the unique Ellyps Promenade’s first part was successfully renovated, and this year, the second part would be completely ready.

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PestBuda reported that the promenades next to the tunnel of the Chain Bridge are the favourite locations of citizens and tourists as they easily lead us to Clark Adam Square and the Buda Castle Tunnel, and by walking along them, you can enjoy the magnificent view Budapest offers. The environment of the popular Ellyps Promenade, however, has not been in the same condition as it used to be for a long time, and it requires instant renovation, which is likely to start soon this year. 

Buda Castle, promenade, Budapest, Hungary

The National Hauszmann Program aims to make the area of the Castle District easily reachable on foot as well as to provide long walks for citizens and tourists, with new and renovated promenades. The program would also like to ban cars from some parts of the Castle’s area to make it greener and more environmentally friendly. 

During the renovation project, the now-dangerous asphalt path would be completely changed, along with the promenade’s stairs. The southern part of the path would also have to be changed (the area of the Castle Hill Funicular), and new benches and trash bins would be set up. The result would be a nice and beautiful promenade with cool temperature during the summer days, without the risk of getting hurt while walking on it.

Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary, promenade

By autumn, the leadership of the project would also like to change the complete plant life of the area. 

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Precious artefacts found in the Buda Castle – PHOTOS

Historical remains from the Anjou-era, pieces of a Baroque church, columns from the 1950s, and a floor-structure of the Hauszmann times were found in the Royal Castle of Buda. Origo reported that the precious artefacts were found during the reconstructions of the monumental and historic St. Stephen Room which is located in the southern part of the castle. The room is currently being renovated under the wings of the National Hauszmann Program according to the original plans and the found artefacts.



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