According to the DailyMail, President Trump got banned from certain restaurants, by none other than Robert De Niro, the famous Hollywood star. The actor opened up in a recent interview about his Hollywood career and his involvement in the Nobu restaurant and hotel chain.

Nobu started out as a restaurant brand in 1994, when De Niro, Nobu Matsuhisa and Meir Teper first collaborated. The hotel branch was only added 15 years later but is by now famous for its luxury, attention to detail and, of course, the amazing food it offers. In fact, three hotels were just added to the branch, in various locations – in Ibiza, Marbella and Shoreditch.

restaurant, nobu, de niro
Nobu and De Niro

De Niro compared his work relationship with Nobu to a marriage. They had arguments and disagreements over the years, but they are always able to move past them:

“Sometimes things don’t work out like that and people have disagreements and we have had disagreements in the past but you’re always thinking of the big picture.”

The whole chain has a sense of family to it, at least how the founders would like to manage it. Nobu said that they like to give opportunities for good employees to grow and change. However, De Niro also admitted he has a very different role in the chain than Nobu or Meir. They are all part of the decision-making process, but Nobu is very active in the kitchen, too, unlike De Niro.

“Bobby’s a great actor but not a great chef! I’m gonna make the movie, I can do it all. I beat him.”

Despite the success of the chain and the number of famous people who have visited the restaurants before, De Niro made it clear that one person is not welcome in any of the establishments – President Trump. He clearly stated that if Trump appeared in any restaurant where he was eating, De Niro would walk out, no questions asked. However, Chef Nobu could not let this moment pass without making a joke:

“It’s my dream for Trump to sit next to Bob. To make them Sushi!”

This ban is valid in Hungary, too, as there is a Nobu restaurant on Elizabeth Square. So, if the President ever comes to visit, he will have to look for other options.

star, actor, de niro, restaurants
Robert De Niro

During the interview, the actor was asked about his retirement plans, too – spending 55 years acting and 25 years in the hospitality business is a long time, after all, yet he shows no signs of stopping:

“What am I gonna do? Take up golf!? I actually tried golf and I liked it but I enjoy doing what I’m doing. As long as we enjoy that. How much can I rest?”


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