Are you a gourmet who loves discovering the latest restaurants, bars, cafés and confectioneries when being in the Hungarian capital? Then we have good news for you since collected 8 new recently opened places in Budapest which are worth visiting. Check out these fantastic restaurants and street food bars from which you will never leave on an empty stomach.

1. Don Doko Don (1085, 2-4 Üllői Street)

Kálvin Square and its surrounding are well-known among the lovers of street food. Since the opening of the bar of Leves in 2012, several other street food bars have moved there.

This time, a typical Japanese food, the donburi is served in boxes, favouring those who do not have much time to sit down.

Two versions of this rice bowl dish are available: one of them is made from beef, with onion and ginger while the other consists of pork, potato, carrot, ginger and radish. The price of a menu with nikuman, steamed meat buns, and miso soup is 1,850 Ft (6.2 euros).

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2. Deli’s Vegan Bistro (1114, 3 Szabolcska Mihály Street)

In a friendly cobblestoned street of Újbuda, far from the noise of the city centre, is Deli’s Vegan Bistro. This place has been the dream of Zsófia Deli, yoga instructor, whose aim was to make people familiar with delicious vegan foods and make them available for more people.

In the welcoming restaurant, unique dishes can be ordered, like the Deli burger made from vegetable, vegan cheese, red onion marmalade and ajvar, a pepper-based condiment.

Besides this speciality, visitors can choose from the daily soup, sandwich, main dish and cake offer, too, all made from seasonal ingredients.

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Do not worry if you are on a gluten-free diet since Deli’s Vegan Bistro offers you gluten-free alternatives as well. Have fun 🙂

3. Waffle & Love (1092, 1-3 Ráday Street)

Ráday Street is rightly called the number one street for those looking for some culinary pleasures since this is where locals go for some delicacies. The opening of the Waffle & Love restaurant gives you one more reason for discovering this street. The experience of consuming delicious waffles is augmented by the cosy atmosphere of the place where natural light shines through the windows.

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Choose from its sweet or salty waffles topped with some chocolate, whipped cream, fruit, salmon, bacon or other toppings. You will not be disappointed! 🙂

4. Coffee Stand Gutenberg (1085, 1 Békési Street)

The smallest café of Budapest is certainly the Coffee Stand Gutenberg located in the proximity of Gutenberg Square. In this tiny place, premium quality tasty black coffees are in focus, just to start the day strong. The coffee beans, produced by a Hungarian man in Costa Rica, are directly transported from the Lucky Cap Roastery, the partner of this café in Szekszárd.

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Besides fresh and magnificent coffees, excellent handmade bakery products produced by The Mill are also available. Pop into this café if not for its tasty coffees, then for the wide variety of hot chocolate, tea, fruit- and vegetable smoothies offered that are all at reasonable prices.

5. Tűzhely Café & Restaurant (1112, 143 Balatoni Street)

Sometimes it feels good to leave the bustling city centre and immerse ourselves in gastronomical pleasures in less known places. If you are in the southern part of Buda, do not forget to visit the Tűzhely Café & Restaurant. This place located along the road adds spice to your everyday life with its big portions, reasonable prices and friendly staff.

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On the menu, you can find typical Hungarian dishes like the goulash, the truffle risotto or the Hungarian sponge cake.

6. Beer Brothers Budapest (1052, 20 Kossuth Lajos Street)

Are you looking for a wide variety of handcraft beers? Then this is the ideal place for you. True beer lovers can discuss special Hungarian handcraft beers here. Trust the professional staff who are eager to recommend beers based on your needs.

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If you also want to consume something besides the lovely liquid itself, you are at the right place since from hamburgers through goulash to extreme beer aspices; there is a lot to choose from.

7. UrbanFood Café & Coworking (1013, 27 Attila Street)

Do you telecommute and often feel that you are going to snap if you have to stay at home for another minute? Sometimes, it is only an inspiring environment and a cup of coffee that is needed for some refreshment after which all your muddled thoughts vanish immediately. This is what UrbanFood is good at.

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In the heart of Buda, this place operates as a café and a coworking office at the same time. Besides eating delicious sandwiches and cakes, you can also organise meetings in its spacious hall where wi-fi connection is at your disposal.

8. Chess Restaurant (1074, 63 Dob Street)

The most elegant restaurant of Dob Street is undoubtedly the Chess Restaurant, a compelling bistro where jazz evenings and wine dinners are regularly organised.

International courses made from the best ingredients are served as the perfect accompaniment of jazz evenings.

However, such unique dishes are on the menu as the Manouri cheese with mixed salad and peach vinaigrette, the green pea cream soup with duck rillettes and the sea perch with gnocchi and kohlrabi sauce.

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