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Hungarian craft beers Photo: www.facebook/Békésszentandrási Szent András Sörfőzde

As reports, several Hungarian beers got honoured with titles at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair. This is the biggest and most successful festival of handcrafted beers, in Dublin.

The brewers of the best beers received their titles on the 22nd of March. They also had the chance to introduce themselves to the press. In 2017, the Horizont Brewery’s ‘Saison Witbier’ won the blue ribbon.

The success of the Hungarian beers

This year, the Stockhole Brewery of Rétság (rétsági Fűtőház Sörfőzde) won two bronze and one silver medals. This is a big improvement since last year. This time, the M 63 Bulldog, which is a Belgian Golden Strong type beer, won not only the gold medal but also the blue ribbon. The Guri Brewery of Jászapáti (jászapáti Guri Sörfőzde) and the Hopfanatic of Kiskunhalas (kiskunhalasi Hopfanatic) succeeded too. Guri got a gold, a silver and a bronze medal for its Black Ball, Sztahanov, and Pompeii beers. Hopfanatic gained two silver and two bronze medals.

This is a big triumph for the Hungarian handcrafted beers. Furthermore, part of our beers winning medals were black beers, and these originate from Ireland. Finally, Csaba Katona, beer historian, gave an entertaining speech about the many thousand years of the history of beer-producing.

Featured image: www.facebook/Békésszentandrási Szent András Sörfőzde


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