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If you are in Budapest with the aim to immerse yourself in gastronomic pleasures and enjoy the delicacies of the capital, we have good news for you. Budapest is the ideal place for those having a sweet tooth since from simple confectioneries to luxurious café houses, there is a lot to visit and taste. collected you the best confectioneries of the capital where you can get a little taste of heaven.

1. Ruszwurm Confectionery

This legendary family confectionery, one of the oldest one of Budapest, is only a short walk from Matthias Church. The tiny, but the heartwarming place will undoubtedly enchant you with a wide variety of cakes from the Dobos cake through the Mátyás cake to its most famous Cream Pastry made with hand. This is a unique variety of the well-known Hungarian pastry that cannot be found in any other confectioneries.

However, what is the most unique in this place is that the traditional recipes used for 200 years are not secret for visitors, so anybody can try them at home.

Here you can find that of the famous Ruszwurm Cream Pastry. Good luck with that! 🙂


2. Molnár’s Chimney Cake

This special cake is well-known for tourists and Hungarians alike making their mouth water even by simply talking about it. Everywhere you go in the capital, there is at least one chimney cake bakery, but the version of the Molnár’s has absolutely no counterpart. Instead of the regular sugary or cinnamon coating, their chimney cake is covered with chocolate or walnut and you can even ask for some ice cream filling. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? 🙂 It is best consumed with a cup of coffee just to start the day strong.

chimney cake
/facebook/Molnár’s Kürtőskalács Kávézó/
café chimney cake
Which would you choose?/facebook/Molnár’s Kürtőskalács Kávézó/

3. Sugar!

As can be read in the advertisement of the Sugar! Design Shop and Confectionery, it offers a taste of happiness that is no exaggeration to say. The rare view of the diverse cakes combined with amazing flavours will beguile you into buying at least one of them. Both the design of the place and the repertoire of the cakes are exceptional and it is guaranteed that you will hardly be able to choose. From ice cream to chocolate beverages, everything can be found that is a feast for the eyes.

cake sugar
/facebook/SUGAR! shop & confectionary/
cake sugar
/facebook/SUGAR! shop & confectionary/

The speciality of the place is the unique designer products that are built around a special theme. Whether you want them for a birthday party or a family reunion or they are simply everyday treats, they will definitely brighten your day.

4. Frőhlich Kóser Confectionery

The exterior design of the Frőhlich confectionery located in Dob Street is nothing like what you would expect.

However, what this place is noteworthy for is its retro atmosphere where not only Hungarian but Jewish delicacies can be tasted.

They offer delicious flódni, Chanukkah doughnut, Purim Haman’s ears and other typical Jewish specialities. Given that the Jewish holidays have their own gastronomical specialities, this place attempts to follow them by regularly coming out with a novelty.

cake confectionery
/facebook/Frőhlich Kóser Cukrászda/

The atmosphere of a typical café house of Budapest is preserved here which makes its regular customers return time after time.

5. The Box Donut

The Box Donut has become so succesful within a few years in the capital, that by now, it has 2 places welcoming the lovers of square-shaped donuts.

They are prepared based on their own secret recipe and are all made with premium quality ingredients.

You can easily get hooked on their unique flavours after you have spent precious minutes with deciding which to choose.

/facebook/The Box Donut/
/facebook/The Box Donut/

Featured image: facebook/SUGAR! shop & confectionary


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