Budapest Barbecue Company
Budapest Barbecue Company

A magical meat palace has been operating in downtown Budapest for almost two years. If you love meat dishes, especially barbecue meals, then this place is heaven for you. The Budapest Barbecue Company welcomes gourmands with American smokers and original flavours. 

A restaurant close to you

If you desire good, juicy bites, visit Szent István Boulevard 13 on the opposite side of Vígszínház. The Kiss Brothers don’t want to operate an elitist place, they want to create friendships among the lovers of meat and barbecue – just like in America. In the southern states, smoker operator artisans organise huge festivals, where the communities of well-known restaurants can gather for a big party. The founders of the Budapest Barbecue Company visited these festivals before starting their own business. They found a quite large place on the Grand Boulevard, which was a great challenge to fill, but they were able to cope with it. The restaurant is almost 1300 m2 big with a spacious indoor and outdoor area. For that matter, the owners are not freshmen in the business: the Beer and Burger, or as it is called today, the Budapest Burger Company has also become an iconic place.

Budapest Barbecue Company
The Kiss Brothers don’t want to operate an elitist place, they want to create friendships among the lovers of meat and barbecue – just like in America

Beyond the waves of street food

It seems like the hype around street food has started to simmer down, this is why Kiss Brothers started the Budapest Barbecue Company. They learned the secrets of the low & slow meet frying method, which is very popular in the southern part of the USA. The brothers learned the most in Texas. “If you didn’t invent fire, you didn’t invent barbecue”. According to the owners, meat frying brings people together, it builds a community, where there’s place for several types of meat. There’s no absolute winner, exclusive knowledge, new directions are always formed based on shared experiences.

Budapest Barbecue CompanyWhat is a smoker?

Due to the minimizing of the combustion air’s dosage, an imperfect combustion evolves, during which a lot of smoke is formed. The flue gas, which is of controlled temperature and which is circulated through properly developed lines, helps with frying the meat in time. You could even smoke your food for 8-10 hours to achieve the desired flavours. Naturally, a special appliance is necessary for this process, with which you can fry the meat safely. This is the appliance, which is commonly referred to as barbecue or BBQ smoker.

Temperature, time, spices

Barbecue, a low & slow frying technique in the smoker stands for the preparation process of meat on low temperature for long hours. In practice this means that people rub the whole piece of meat with a special spice mixture before putting it into the smoker, where the meat is cooked for 4-16 hours at 110-120°Celsius, depending on its type. During this time, the rub made from spices, brown sugar and salt forms a crust on the meat, which protects it from drying. The end result is a juicy and delicious meal.

Budapest Barbecue Company

Meat above all

When it comes to barbecuing, good quality meat is a key aspect, so the smoker is usually filled up with USDA quality beef brisket and KMS quality pork. Also, you have to use the wood of apple-tree for smoking. The beef brisket is purchased from the USA, because, unfortunately, this ingredient is not available in such quantity and quality in Hungary.

Those who get a whiff of the smoker

You can tell that the Kiss Brothers started from the bottom. They take part in the life of the Budapest Barbecue Company and breathe together with it. They put their hearts and souls into the business as they want every guest to leave with unforgettable experiences. If you once get a whiff of smoker, let you be the one preparing or consuming the meat, you become addicted. The juice, the soft texture, the delicious and spicy meat orgy conquer your senses.

And time stops after the pecan nut dessert. This is America, on the Grand Boulevard of Budapest.


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