Budapest, January 12 (MTI) – There is no reason for Hungary to accept an inflow of economic immigrants, Antal Rogan, head of the parliamentary group of the ruling Fidesz party, said in an interview on Monday.

It is normal that Hungary wants to remain Hungarian, Rogan told public television M1.

Rogan said there are jobless Hungarians, and they have priority in the job queue.

Hungary has no interest in receiving “economic refugees” with traditions that are alien to Hungarian ones, he said, adding that it was clear that in western European countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany “the presence of Muslim communities upends the internal order of Christian countries”.

In a separate interview to Kossuth radio, Rogan said the horrors of terrorism had become a daily reality in Europe. Hungary and European countries must rethink their migration and anti-terrorism policies, he added. The counter-terrorism measures of the US serve as a good example, such as the way that “authorities can sidestep traditional freedoms” or data protection rights in cases of terrorism threats.

Christian culture is a culture of respect, which means not poking fun at another culture, Rogan said. “If we damage the culture of respect, this always has consequences,” he added.

The main topic of the upcoming Fidesz parliamentary group meeting on Feb. 4-6 will be the so-called country-protection action plan, he said. Measures by which Hungary can react firmly to external challenges must be determined. Both government and parliament must have the appropriate means for this, he said, giving the example of “how to formulate a ban on someone”.

“We must look at how the Americans do this,” Rogan added.


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